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Million Mile Lexus only has 631 miles to go before reaching its goal

I'm calling it. The Million Mile Lexus is 99.9 percent to its goal with only 631 miles left. Update 2/23- They made it! Tavarish has...

Using on-ramp as passing lane lands Youtuber Zwing in jail plus $4,000 in fines

Washington police don't mess around. Using an on-ramp illegally lands this Youtuber a whole week in a County Jail. If you follow @Zwing on social...

Danny Duncan gets himself a Tesla Model 3, mounts bull horns on the frunk

Youtuber Danny Duncan gets himself the new IT car for Youtube, a Tesla Model 3. Earlier last year I blogged about this idiot Youtuber who...
Oregeon cop Lambo

Oregon cop befuddled with Lamborghini from Dubai, shouts loudly in show of dominance

This Oregon police officer was confused for more than five minutes trying to understand how this Lamborghini from Dubai was driving on his daggum interstates. Our...
Jojo Siwa BMW

JoJo Siwa took Justin Bieber’s comment to 11, drove around with a life-sized Biebs...

How does a YouTube star react to Justin Bieber calling you out on social media? You cash in on the hype as much as...
McLaren Senna burned

Salomondrin’s McLaren Senna catches fire and burns to the ground. Here’s why.

There are now only 499 McLaren Senna's in the world today as one of them just burned to the ground. You might think that looking...
Jojo Siwa

Justin Bieber tells Jojo Siwa to burn her new BMW Convertible

Jojo Siwa shared her new 4-series convertible on Instagram and Justin Bieber himself popped up with quite a rude comment. JoJo Siwa just turned 16...

Youtubers gone wild: This is legit giant penis livery on a Nissan 240SX

Is this drama foreals or is it just all fake? Regardless, yes, there is indeed a Nissan 240SX somewhere in Southern California with a...
million mile lexus

Who has and where is Matt Farah’s Million Mile Lexus LS400

If you're wondering who has Matt Farah's million mile Lexus, it's these guys, @Robbie_Mo on Instagram. Update Feb 20, 2019: They did it! Matt Farah...
Honda S2000 lift

Glendale auto repair shop destroyed this Honda S2000, fell off a car lift

How would you handle the news that your car that you just saw a few hours ago was now totaled thanks to an incompetent...
Corvette truck engine

Cleetus McFarland bamboozled, buys C6 Corvette, finds truck engine under the hood

This Youtuber got more than he bargained for (or less?) when he pulled the CoPart auction trigger on a C6 Corvette. One of my favorite Youtuber's...
Kyle Yaldo

Who is Sinister_Lifestyle and why is Ford mad at him?

Sinister_Lifestyle is what happens when you tell your five-year-old nephew a secret and you KNOW he's going to tell the entire family so that's...

Idiot YouTuber organizes commercial that leaves totaled E36 M3 and MKIV Supra

Everyone knows the best way to film a risky commercial is to shoot it on a public road, not closed off. The world now has...
TFL Car Subaru

Epic win: Subaru bans The Fast Lane Car from press cars so they just...

Even though Subaru banned "The Fast Lane Car" from getting press cars, they got one anyway. You gotta love lowkey drama like this but Subaru...
Alex Choi Scooters

Instagrammer Alex Choi doesn’t mind organizing mobs of lime scooters to do his bidding

Lime scooter mob organized by Instagrammer Alex Choi wreaks havoc on streets of L.A. Your right to peaceably assemble is guaranteed by the constitution but those...
Motor Trend YouTube

Opinion: Motor Trend should reinvent itself on YouTube, take advantage of its subscriber base

Motor Trend announced that they're leaving YouTube. I think that's a huge mistake. Saying that Youtube is dead as a platform and isn't worth your...
Dobre NSX

Why I’m OK with this Youtuber standing on the hood of a new NSX

My initial reaction was hate, hate, hate when I saw a photo of this 19-year-old standing on the hood of a brand-spankin' new 2018...

AutoCon receiving backlash for double standard comment

AutoCon officials replied to this show carl show car registrant with an unnecessarily unprofessional reply. When you're a car show with some serious history in the Import...
Star Wars Speeder

Casey Neistat pulls off epic Star Wars Speeder stunt in time for Halloween

A team of vloggers including Youtube OG content creator Casey Neistat pulled off one of the best Halloween stunts we've ever seen. According to...
SuperspeedersRob M3

SuperSpeedersRob’s 1998 BMW M3 Giveaway car just popped up on Craigslist

SuperSpeedersRob gave away a clean 1998 BMW M3 to one of his loyal Youtube subscribers to enjoy but instead that person has now listed...
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