Sunday, March 24, 2024
fire scooter

Instagram account dedicated to destroying electric scooters is the best worst thing ever

Some people fed up with electric scooters are destroying them in creative ways. This Instagram account is for them. Bird and lime scooters. Some people...

Beverly Hills bans scooters, Alex Choi fan meetup was last straw

Leave it to an Instagram Fan meetup to be the straw that broke the camel's back because all electric scooters are banned in Beverly...
Alex Choi Scooters

Instagrammer Alex Choi doesn’t mind organizing mobs of lime scooters to do his bidding

Lime scooter mob organized by Instagrammer Alex Choi wreaks havoc on streets of L.A. Your right to peaceably assemble is guaranteed by the constitution but those...

Flixbus SF to LA for $9.99: Here’s the catch

Flixbus announced that one-way ticket prices from San Francisco to Los Angeles would only be a little over $9. Here's the catch. According to SF...
naked man bike

Caught on video: Naked man riding bike on San Jose Freeway

It's warm in San Jose but that doesn't mean that you should strip down to your birthday suit and ride on the freeway to...
CHP Sideshow

This is how CHP Helicopters catch and impound sideshow cars

If you're wondering how CHP helicopters go about catching sideshows in the act, these images should probably make that painfully obvious. According to CHP -...
Blackhawk Cars and Coffee

Blackhawk Cars and Coffee is dead, no more, finished, and is no longer happening

Blackhawk Cars and Coffee is OFFICIALLY DEAD with August's meet canceled. It seems to be the unfortunate trend nowadays but it looks like another car...
Fred Lump Lump

Fred Lump Lump drops more detailed update, hints that he was possibly tortured

Fred Lump Lump, true to his word, dropped another update, this time, squashing some of the rumors going around. It's been a good two months...
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

Unofficial Free Parking guide for Oakland A’s games

Here's how to park at A's games for free. This article is a part of the "For Your Information" series. Regular season parking is $30 with...
Los Angeles Cyclist police

Video shows cyclists damaging Police SUV before random car injures another bystander

Footage shot before and during a vigil shows cyclists damaging and destroying a police SUV before a random car plows through their gathering Tensions are...

USC students want their president to drive a Prius, which is wrong

The USC Environmental advocacy group ECore hosted a "Do Better" rally on their campus last week and want its president to drive a Toyota...
Fred Lump Lump

Fred Lump Lump tells all, vows to set the record straight

In his first social media appearance since he went missing Fred Lump Lump aka Ernesto Aguilar Gonzalez, let loose some details about his disappearance and...
waze baxter street

Waze is sending LA drivers up this impossibly steep hill and doesn’t care

The driving app Waze is redirecting Los Angeles drivers up a steep a.f. hill and they don't care if you crash or spin out. Waze...
Carpool mannequin

San Jose driver caught cheating carpool with mannequin

This certainly isn't the first time someone's been caught trying to cheat carpool lane privileges with a mannequin but really? Traffic is so bad in the...
reflective plates fine

Doing this to your California License Plate will cost you $1105

If you see this on your own license plate or decide that you'll be clever and do this to your set of plates, know...
California disabled placard abuse

Get an $1800 fine in California for misusing a disabled placard

You will most likely get a $1,800 fine if you misuse a disabled placard in San Francisco. People who break disabled placard laws in California...
Fred Lump lump safe

Fred Lump Lump found, happy ending to missing drifting enthusiast case

They've found that drifting enthusiast that when missing in Mexico more than a month ago. Update (Apr 8, 2018)- Fred Lump Lump makes his first...
SUV Stockton Fire

Arsonist and Grade A idiot lit this SUV on fire in Stockton

What motivated this arson to light this Chevrolet Suburban on fire is beyond me but the Stockon PD needs your help in ID'ing this...
Distracted walking

$100 fine for using your cell phone in a crosswalk in this California city

Police can smack you with a $100 fine if you use your cellphone in a crosswalk in the California city. If you happen to find...
truck tunnel

Stolen truck literally drives into metro tunnel during L.A. car chase

This allegedly stolen truck ditched police and a news chopper by driving into a Los Angeles Light railway tunnel. If you desperately want to avoid...
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