Thursday, February 15, 2024
SuperspeedersRob M3

SuperSpeedersRob’s 1998 BMW M3 Giveaway car just popped up on Craigslist

SuperSpeedersRob gave away a clean 1998 BMW M3 to one of his loyal Youtube subscribers to enjoy but instead that person has now listed...
Texting while driving

California: Drug runners get pulled over because they were on their cell phones

A couple of drug runners didn't get pulled over for having drugs but because they were on their cell phones instead. This is probably the...
Civic Type R

Spotted: 2017 Honda Civic Type R spotted in California running about

Honda's most powerful production Civic, the 2017 Honda Civic Type R, was spotted in the woods of California. It's hard to stay inconspicuous if you're driving...
wet roads

This SUV crashing in the rain on 280N will remind you to slow it...

Dash cam footage was submitted to KRON 4's Stanley Robert's showing an SUV losing control in the rain and smashing into a k-rail. Rain, sleet,...
Acura NSX

This 2017 Acura NSX can be yours for less than $75,000

A California resident managed to wreck this 2017 Acura NSX and the insurance company has already put it up for auction. What if I told...

Coachella: UBER Announces Easier Pick-Up Service For Festival Goers

UBER announced that they're making it easier for festival-goers at Coachella to find an UBER ride back to their hotel rooms. During any other week...
Horses Interstate 680

Flock Of Domesticated Horses Closes Busy California Interstate

Two horses on a California Interstate caused CHP to briefly shutdown busy freeway to get the pair of palominos under control. *Update: It should be...
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