dirty air filter

This is the insane amount of power Rob Dahm lost in his CTS-V from...

If you haven't cleaned or swapped out your air filter for a new one, this just might convince you to get that done ASAP. Rob...
dominos autonomous

Dominos still using autonomous Ford Fusion in Las Vegas; watch two bros geek out

If you're wondering, yes there's still autonomous delivery out in Las Vegas and these two bros absolutely loved it. Earlier this year we got word...

Idiot YouTuber organizes commercial that leaves totaled E36 M3 and MKIV Supra

Everyone knows the best way to film a risky commercial is to shoot it on a public road, not closed off. The world now has...
'64 Bel Air

World’s best brother reunites brother with his first car, a ’64 Chevrolet Bel Air

This 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air was reunited with its previous owner a decade later! Get out the tissues because this one's a tear jerker. If...

This is the fastest Toyota Supra to lap the Nurburgring

If you're looking for the unofficial fastest Toyota Supra on the Nurburgring, this is the quite possibly it. This Toyota Supra might be 25 years...
James May

Walkaround Video: Here’s James May literally walking around a Ferrari

If you're looking for the purest definition of a walkaround video, James May made one for you. The blokes from Top Gear OG seem to...
Honda Civic Type R

Let’s give it up for that Honda Civic Type R in World’s Greatest Drag...

Every year Motor Trend puts on their "World's Greatest Drag Race" and this year didn't disappoint. It's hard to believe that we're on the tail...
Las Vegas bus rant

Caught on camera: Nevada Bus driver goes through much needed cathartic vent

This is what happens when a driver whose reached his breaking point meets a passenger who doesn't understand the best way to calm someone...
GT-R Demon Drag

One trick pony: Watch a Nissan GT-R demolish a Dodge Demon from a dig

With 248 HP, you'd think the Dodge Demon would handily beat a Nissan GT-R Nismo but you're probably wrong. Power without control is useless. The...
Daddy Dave vs. Dominator

Daddy Dave demolishes Dominator at Street Outlaws Live in Chicago

Daddy Dave brought his "A Game" to Chicago as he lined up against Dominator AKA Joe Woods. The No Prep Kings, moving on for a...
Kyoei forging works

Japanese car parts maker drops epic anime commercial, heart pounding mecha battle

If there's one commercial for a car parts maker that'll get you excited, pumped, ready to throw your money at the screen and also slightly...
Supra wing fail

Epic fail: Cheap rear wing on Toyota Supra flexes and fails at 174 MPH

Toyota Supra owner Terry McGrath found out at 174 MPH why he probably needs a legit wing. If it wasn't for a GoPro attached to...
McLaren Senna C6 Corvette

Watch a McLaren Senna pass a C6 Corvette Grand Sport like it’s standing still

A Corvette C6 Grand Sport is fast but how fast is it against a McLaren Senna? It's rare to see a McLaren Senna in the...
Sideshow crowd hit

POV perspective: What it looks like when you hit a crowd at a sideshow

We've all seen Mustang's driving into crowds, but what does it look like from the drivers perspective? You've heard about sideshows, seen police arresting and...
TFL Car Subaru

Epic win: Subaru bans The Fast Lane Car from press cars so they just...

Even though Subaru banned "The Fast Lane Car" from getting press cars, they got one anyway. You gotta love lowkey drama like this but Subaru...
stalled focus rs

This kid managed to stall a stock Ford Focus RS 11 times

Some poor kid stalled this car close to a dozen times just 50 feet from where he started from. Ever since dash cams were a...
2019 Kia Forte

Here’s a full walkaround of the 2019 Kia Forte

It's been months since the world's seen the 2019 Kia Forte debuted at the North America International Auto Show and somebody finally uploaded a...
Fiesta vs Hellcat

How a Ford Fiesta ST beat a Hellcat in a drag race, fair and...

The Colorado boys from The Fast Lane Car lined up an SRT Challenger Hellcat against a Ford Fiesta ST and the blue oval won,...
Ford GT Dyno

Here’s what the 2018 Ford GT makes on a dyno

Drag Times finally broke-in their 2018 Ford GT and they got this one strapped on a rear wheel dyno. If you're tired of hearing auction-related...
Initial Doug

Initial Doug video taken down but here it is anyway

Avex Inc is going on a blocking rampage, blocking anything on YouTube resembling Initial D and that, sadly, included Initial Doug. Earlier today (July 20,...
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