Thursday, February 15, 2024
shifting like a boss

Shifting like a boss is this GM engineer in a 1992 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1

I have come across the definitive video clip of what "shifting like a boss" looks like and it's definitely GM Engineer John Heinricy in a...

This is what a functional AWD Acura RSX looks like from underneath

This Acura RSX owner decided that a boosted K-series wasn't enough and threw in the rear diff from a Honda CR-V's Realtime AWD unit...
Integra beats GTR

Watch this AWD Acura Integra straight humiliate this cocky Nissan GTR

Watch this Nissan totally eat dirt when he tries to line up against some little four-banger Integra. You'd think that with a name like Godzilla...
gun car meet

Idiot shoots gun multiple times at California car meet to simulate backfire on this...

This guy is quite possibly the dumbest individual to attend a car meet when he decided it was a good idea to fire his...
Miata kids damage

Caught on camera: Irvine kids show no respect, climb over and damage this Miata

This Miata owner's dashcam captured this horrifying moment when a couple of kids in his Irvine neighborhood decided his Miata was a jungle gym. When...
spin out rear tires

Here’s why you should always put a pair of new tires in the rear...

If you need video evidence about why you should ALWAYS put your best two tires in the rear instead of up front, here you...

This is what a BRM 1.5L V16 making 600 HP thanks to 80 psi...

A redditor dug up this fabulous modern video showcasing a British Racing Motors 1.5L V16 absolutely ripping it down a UK road. When you've got such...
Sentra NOS

This Nissan Sentra versus Subaru WRX Impreza will show you how fun NOS really...

If you've ever wondered why people even mess around with NOS in the first place, boy do I have a video for you. NOS (or...
GT350 drag

Watch this Shelby GT350 go almost sub 12 in the quarter mile

The Shelby GT350 isn't meant to be a drag car but that doesn't mean owners aren't burning rubber down the quarter-mile. Whereas the Shelby GT500...
Automatic NSX

Watch this first gen automatic Acura NSX race around a circuit

An automatic Acura NSX? Preposterous. Racing an automatic NSX around a real deal circuit? I'll believe it when I see it. Did you know that...
Civic sand dune

Watch this Civic show up a bunch of 4×4’s by conquering this sand dune

A huge, sandy dune. Surely the domain of 4x4's and serious off-roaders only. Not if this less than stellar Civic has anything to say...
Danny Duncan driving around with cruise control, no one behind the wheel

Watch this idiot YouTuber use driver assist like it’s autonomous tech

YouTuber Danny Duncan filmed himself using his Honda Fit with drivers assist like it's an autonomous car, except it isn't. Update 12/2019 via the comments-  Repeat...
accord birds karma

Instant karma: Driver scares birds but launches curb

When you're in an unfamiliar parking lot, you do NOT want to be driving around at 20 MPH with birds blocking your direction of...
jerk Prius

Jerk Prius driver stops right turn only lane thanks to his entitlement

A Prius driver whose feels entitled enough to not follow the rules of the road? *gasp* I've never heard of such a thing. I usually...
Japan fastest integra

This is the fastest Integra in Japan

If you were looking the fastest Acura Integra in all of Japan, this is literally it. The DC2 Integra is fast but the DC5 Integra...
Tesla emergency vehicles

World’s coolest fire vehicles: Tesla Model S and X flex their emergency strobes

This pair of Teslas makes for some of the fastest and best-looking emergency vehicles I've ever seen. If you ever get your cat stuck in...
Kia Stinger GT Comparison

Kia Stinger GT savagely destroys Porsche and BMW in latest ad

It's seriously embarrassing, BMW and Porsche, but you just got taken to school by a Kia Stinger GT. The 2018 Kia Stinger GT is on...
drift Civic

Here’s a FWD Honda Civic Type R drifting better than you ever will

Sorry but not sorry, this Honda Civic Type R drifts better than you ever will in your entire lifetime. Yes, it's front-wheel drive but...
Lamborghini KIA

Literally the best Kia Forte ad compares it to a Lambo

Please take this ad as tongue in cheek but KIA just legit compared the KIA Forte sedan to a Lamborghini Aventador. What if I told...
burned R6

Epic motorcyclist rides burned Yamaha R6 like a boss

If your bike was burned in a fire, you'd think it's pretty much done for. Not for this rider. This is the definition of literally...
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