Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Slim Thug’s NoRapCapChallenge is the latest Instagram trend I can get behind

Houston-based rapper Slim Thug has a new challenge on Instagram called the #NoRapCapChallenge and it's a challenge, when he's talking about cars, I can...
South Arlington man bike arrest

South Arlington man evades arrest at Boomerjack’s, returns twice, gets arrested anyways

Police gave up arresting this South Arlington man and just about let him go, that is until he passed by on a motorbike twice,...
State Sancho pulled over

State Sancho in Texas finally got pulled over

If you're wondering what the heck is State Sancho and why he got pulled over in Texas, all your questions will be answered shortly. A...
R32 Cars and Cantina Crash

Nissan GT-R spins and crashes into fence at Cars and Cantina meet

All it took was a bit of loose gravel to defeat Godzilla as this R32 Nissan GT-R literally bit the dust, crashing into a...
train versus police cruiser

Another Camera angle of train hitting police cruiser in Midland, TX news won’t show

 A police cruiser in the middle of a call gets stuffed by a train coming in the opposite direction. Here's the video you won't...
Texas Motorplex Impala

Ennis man sneaks his Chevrolet Impala onto Texas Motorplex drag strip, gets caught

This bored Ennis Man decided that now's probably the right time of the year to sneak onto the Texas Motorplex track and blast down...
Parking is hard

Double parking fail: Honda and Lexus go halfsies on this disabled spot

Welcome to "parking is hard" Monday's where we go online to search for the best #ParkingIsHard and #ParkingFail post from the past week. These...
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